neck_painNeck pain is very common and most people have one or more episodes of neck pain during a lifetime. Pain and stiffness can make it difficult to turn round – for example, when reversing a car. Symptoms may appear suddenly, as when someone wakes up with a stiff and painful neck, or gradually. The pain may be limited to the neck or may be accompanied by headaches and dizziness, or with and pins and needles down the arm or hand.

Most neck pain does not have one simple cause, but is a result of a range of conditions that affect joints, muscles, tendons and the other tissues in the neck. Factors that can contribute include tension and sustained or repetitive activity, such as using the telephone a lot, sitting at computer screens or in front of the television, playing a musical instrument, and long-distance driving.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the management of your neck pain and helping to reduce the possibility of future episodes. Your treatment will often include manual techniques, home exercises and stretches, postural advice, massage and pain relief recommendations.

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