sports_massageSports massage is the application of a variety of soft tissue techniques to maximise the performance of athletes by preventing and treating sporting injuries. Our sports therapist will aim to improve the suppleness and flexibility of your muscles and joints, improve blood circulation, speed up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints, and prevent future muscle and tendon injuries.

Your sports massage can be carried out prior to a sporting event, when it will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare you for optimal performance whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury. It can also be carried out after a sporting event, when it will relieve soreness and assist with the removal of lactic acid and other waste products. When used during training, we will focus on speeding up the healing of existing injuries and preventing the development of future injuries.

Sport massage is not only limited to athletes it is ideal for anyone who is in need of  soft tissue work irrespective of age, gender or level of fitness. Contact us to book an appointment.

Sports Massage – Frequently Asked Questions

The performance of all sports players, runners and trainers can be improved by sports massage.
Typically 30 minutes for upper or lower body. Full body treatment lasts 1 hour.
We can arrange either a male or female therapist for your sports massage. Please give reception your preference when you book.
Some people like to bring their own shorts if the problem relates to a spinal or lower limb problem. Ladies sometimes prefer wearing a sleeveless, vest-style top if treatment is centered on their neck, shoulder or upper limb region.