physiotherapyPhysiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help your muscles, joints and nerves work to their full potential, helping to repair damage by complementing your body’s natural healing process and reducing pain and stiffness.

What to expect from your initial consultation

A detailed history of your symptoms will be taken. After this a physical assessment will take place. Your posture, movement, muscle length, strength and a variety of  tests will be carried out to identify the cause and any contributing factors. Here the best course of action to treat your problem will be determined. Typically this will involve a specific home exercise program tailored to you and a course of physiotherapy treatment sessions. Occasionally you will be referred to a consultant if further investigations are necessary.

What to expect from treatment sessions

At Anston Physiotherapy 95% of the treatments we use are manual therapy based. We work very hard to move the bits of your body that don’t want to move, stretch the bits that don’t want to stretch and relax the bits that don’t want to let go. We look at how your body moves and functions as a whole and work to correct any areas that could be causing problems. All the techniques we use are evidence based and include: